Megan Kelly Joins the Liars Club – With Robert Shapiro & O.J. Simpson

On May 27, 2016, Megan Kelly, for some inexplicable reason, chose to conduct a puff-piece interview with Robert Shapiro, a member of the O.J. Simpson defense team. She looked great, which seems to be the point these days, as she’s morphed from an actual journalist into a personality and celebrity. But, in facilitating Shapiro’s fantasy dance on the graves of Simpson’s victims, she obtained honorary membership in the Liar’s Club. It’s called aiding and abetting, if she’d like to refer back to her legal training, which seems to be receding fast into the rear-view mirror of her career. Let’s revisit some facts of the Simpson case.

The following is taken from the opening chapter of “Triumph of Justice” by Daniel Petrocelli, the attorney who led the civil case against O.J. Simpson for the wrongful death of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. This is a far more cogent summation of the evidence in the case than was ever presented by the bumbling Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden:

“Simpson’s blood was dripped at the murder scene; a cap with hairs matching his was found next to Ron’s and Nicole’s dead bodies; one of Simpson’s large leather gloves was lying between them; and the matching glove, still holding strands of the victims’ hair and stained with their blood and Simpson’s, was found outside his house. Size twelve shoe prints, slightly pigeon–toed, were clearly stamped in the victims’ blood, at the murder scene. Simpson is among the 9 percent of the population who wears a size twelve shoe, and he is pigeon–toed. Those shoe prints made an impression that was matched to one sole in the world—a Silga sole, manufactured at the Silga factory in Civitinova Marche, Italy, for the  upscale shoemaker Bruno Magli. We had photographs of Simpson wearing Bruno Magli shoes with the identical sole. Simpson’s white Ford Bronco, parked outside his house, contained not only Simpson’s blood but Ron’s and Nicole’s, and a shoe impression consistent with the Brono Magli stained the carpet on the driver’s side. A trail of Simpson’s blood was dripped up his driveway, into his house, and up to his bedroom and bathroom. Planting of that blood was out of the question—because, just like the blood at the murder scene, it was found long before police investigators had taken any blood from his arm. Simpson had cuts all over his hands the day after the murders but had no explanation for how he got them. His socks were lying on his bedroom floor, spattered with his blood and Nicole’s. Blue black cotton fibers consistent with a dark sweatsuit were found at both the crime scene and in Simpson’s home, linking him to both locations. Rare carpet fibers of the type used in his Bronco were found at the murder scene. His blood, his cuts, his clothing, his gloves, his shoes, his car, his house, his ex-wife’s blood, Ron Goldman’s blood . . . all pointed to O.J. Simpson—and to no one else.” (Emphasis added)

These were facts  known to everyone. Undoubtedly, even more was known by Simpson’s defense team, including Mr. Shapiro. Since there isn’t a single molecule of doubt that O.J. Simpson butchered these two innocent people, Shapiro knew it. There is no other conclusion possible but that he knew Simpson committed these murders and, so, he lied in his interview with Megan Kelly. And Ms. Kelly played along, failing to challenge any of his absurd assertions, including the possibility that the “real” killer might still be out there. She should be, but most assuredly isn’t, embarrassed.

Ms. Kelly, in introducing the interview, said she was in law school during the Simpson trial but followed it “gavel to gavel.” The trial began in January of 1995; the verdict was rendered in October of 1995. If she followed it “gavel to gavel” she must not have gone to class or done much studying. Or her law school was a lot easier than mine. She mentioned being in law school, presumably, to give herself some hint of gravitas or authority with respect to legal matters. But, by then proceeding to enable an obviously lying member of the Simpson defense team as he repeated one outrageous and impossible allegation after another, she joined the Liars Club and, in so doing, joined those who have chosen to continue shoveling dirt onto the graves of two innocent young people slashed to death by O.J. Simpson, killer.

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