Special Quotes from the Book – Part 1

Lawyer Games: After Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by Dep Kirkland

Special Quotes from the Book – Part 1:

The knee-jerk claim of defense lawyers that circumstantial evidence is weak by definition is a professional lie—nothing more or less. Yet it’s a lie told so routinely that the public has come to believe it. It’s nonsense.

Over its eight-year life, the Williams case became not only about the facts and the defense’s challenge to those facts but also about tactics employed by Williams’s lawyers—inside and outside the courtroom—tactics that bulldozed the outer limits of professional conduct in search of the almighty W—the win. It should come as no surprise that a wealthy defendant who has already lied about killing a man would be willing to buy the bulldozers. The sobering and disturbing discovery was how willing some defense lawyers were to drive them.